Non-Commercial Use

Educational Use, Corporate Events

Non-Commercial Use

We’re often asked if Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes can be used in classrooms or at company events. You are welcome to do so provided that:

  1. you are not charging people to play and;
  2. a license is purchased for each instance of the game running simultaneously.

Please note that the general license does not cover for-profit use of the game. For info on commercial licensing click here.

Who does it apply to?

Teachers and educators from publicly funded schools looking to create a lesson plan using Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Organizers of internal corporate events who want to play the game at a company party.

Leaders looking for a team-building exercise.

Charity event organizers who are looking to fundraise for registered non-profits and charities.


Bulk Discounts

We offer bulk discounts through Humble Store. This version of the game is DRM-free, which allows you to play without the hassle of logins and passwords.

Non-Commercial FAQ

How many licenses will I need to purchase?

You only need to purchase one license for each instance of the game that you run at the same time. For example, if a class with 20 students breaks into groups of 4. There will be 5 games running at once, requiring the purchase of 5 licenses.

We offer bulk discounts here.

Our school uses Chromebooks. Will Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes run on a Chromebook?

No, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will not run on a Chromebook. The system requirements needed to run the game can be viewed at the bottom of the Humble Store page.

Can I purchase Steam keys in bulk?

Yes. Purchasing licenses through the Humble Store widget below will give you access to a DRM-Free version, and your choice of a Steam or Oculus Store key for each license. 

Will this license cover commercial use of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes?

No. You can find more information on commercial licensinghere.

Is the game available on iPads and Android tablets?

Not yet, but we will be coming to Android and iOS sometime in 2019. Join our mailing list and we'll let you know as soon as the game is available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

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